Today the participants exchanged individuals cups which were given to another friend.

Visiting Lyon

Then they went on a walk by the Rhon on the river side and shared their reflections on one’s identity.

The groups went to visit Lyon and followed the plan made by the French group. They went on to experience the architecture such as the difference between Roman (open) and Gothic (closed), and how in medieval times they adapted the way they made the roads to be adapted to their way of life. For exemple, « tenir le haut du pavé » (meaning « having the upper hands ») comes from the way the middle of the street is surelevated so that ric people can walk without worrying of the used waters that were running on the sides. They also saw the « traboules » which are small spaces alowing residents to go from one street to another through the habitations and their courtyards.

Intercultural Evening

Italian group and flat coordinator preparing for tonight.

The participants learned about French culture and habits by watcing well known movies together.

To top off the evening, the groups shared Italian and French food before dancing.

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